80% of organisations feel like they are providing a great experience, yet only 8% of customers actually agree.

We're Tiny CX, and we can create a measurable impact when it comes to optimising your Customer Experience, all in the space of three months.

The CX Relief Report

We specialise in increasing your organisation's ability to deliver a more valuable and differentiated Customer Experience. We do this through a three-month process that focuses on measurable impact, quick optimisations, a holistic CX audit for long-term planning, and the capability transfer of CX knowledge to your team through upskilling and the CX Reference Manual.


Benchmark & Foundations

We establish a metrics benchmark (so we can beat it) and set the foundations for your CX transformation with a preliminary audit of your organisation's ability to deliver CX.

It's at this point that we also plan your team's immersive training, which provides individuals with the opportunity to co-work with our team and upskill in CX theory and practice.


Understand your Customer

We've never met a client who understood their customer as well as is needed to deliver effective CX. We utilise our unique process, Pæple, to bring your organisation an understanding of your customers' value drivers and turn them into actionable insights in an interactive workshop with your team.


Customer Journey Mapping

With an understanding of your customers' value drivers, we workshop with your team to understand how your people, process, environment, product, and brand influence your customer experience.


Relief Report: Immediate CX Opportunities

The Relief Report provides your team with a list of short-term opportunities that can be implemented immediately and to measurable effect in order to optimise your CX.


CX Audit & CX Manual: Long-Term Opportunities

The CX Audit provides your organisation with a holistic understanding of your organisation's ability to deliver effective, operationalised CX.

The CX Reference Manual provides your team with the data, guidance, and process required to continue your CX optimisation journey. Combined with the education of your team along the way, the CX Reference Manual provides your organisation with additional upskilling in CX.


The Purpose of Customer Experience

The reason that "Customer Experience" is a thing is because of this handy graph, first designed by Joe Pine and James Gilmore in their HBR article, Welcome to the Experience Economy, that showed that companies that focus on experiences are more likely to be highly valued by their clients and more likely to be differentiated against their competitors in the marketplace.

Subsequent studies have supported this graph since its first introduction in 1998.


We're not consultants that "chuck it over the fence", but instead focus on capability transfer and long-term sustainability.

Measurable Impact

In three months, we identify a list of quick wins that will make measurable quick wins on your ability to deliver value to your customers or clients.

Capability Transfer

With a combination of one-on-one learning, workshop learning, and a CX Reference Manual, your team is empowered to continue the CX optimisation journey.

Holistic, Long-Term CX

The CX Audit provides your organisation with a thorough understanding of how to optimise and operationalise its Customer Experience.

Who we are

Tom Uhlhorn

Strategy Director

The founder of Tiny CX, Tom holds a Master of Business (Marketing) and is a prestigious 30 under 30 winner in Australia for his work as a strategist. Tom is the creator of the CX framework and is a speaker, author, and educator in CX.

Mila Markovic

Account Director

With 5 languages, 2 degrees, and several successful product launches under her belt, Mila is a skilled product & project manager. Mila's facilitation skills will have you wondering how to poach her for your own team.

Our Clients Include...

The CX Toolbox

Brand Experience

• Brand strategy
• Brand identity
• Brand communications

Customer Research

• Segmentation
• Market research
• Action insights

Service Design

• Process & tech
• Communications
• Organisation structure

Product Mgmt

• Enterprise
• Startup
• CX Audit

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